Go Toxic Free by Anna Turns

A practical, in-depth, myth-busting guide revealing the impact of toxic chemicals commonly found in the home, with simple swaps and habits that can make a BIG difference

Published 20th January 2022 | £14.99 | Hardback | Michael O’Mara Books

My motivation

In my first book, I lift the lid on chemical pollution. It’s a step beyond the tangible plastic pollution that we see everywhere. Yet, it’s much more ubiquitous. So I’ve spoken to scientists all around the world to find out more about toxics and present my findings in a really accessible way. Ultimately, there’s so much we, as eco-conscious consumers, can do, change and ask for once we’re empowered with the right information.

Go Toxic Free by Anna Turns


A thought-provoking and comprehensive book looking at common household products from their raw materials to disposal – so we can truly each reduce our “chemical footprint” on the planet, and improve our health

Go Toxic Free is a vital guide to help us all make important changes to our lifestyles and consumption to help reduce the devastating impact of chemical pollution. Plastic pollution has been headline news since David Attenborough’s shocking Blue Planet II. But plastics are only part of the story, and the invisible world of chemical pollutants – in the soil, the air, our water systems and our own bodies – is just as concerning when over 70% of chemicals used in the EU have been labelled hazardous for health or the environment. From your kitchen cupboard to your bathroom cabinet to your garden shed, Anna Turns reveals the harmful chemicals inside your home and helpful tips to avoid them wherever you can.

Published 20th January 2022 | £14.99 | Hardback | Michael O’Mara Books

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What people are saying about

Go Toxic Free by Anna Turns

Chemical pollution is an insidious problem. It impacts everyone, every day. Of the 100,000 chemicals on the EU market, there is only robust information on a mere 500 of them. Harmful chemicals don’t belong in our bodies, products and ecosystems. Go Toxic Free is a fabulously helpful and informative resource that empowers the reader to start getting toxics out of their life.

James K. Thornton

Founder and CEO, ClientEarth

This is a scientifically robust and informative book which is also accessible for general readers. The environmental and health impact of toxic chemicals needs a higher profile and people need practical ideas on how to minimize their exposure. This book does an excellent job at both.
Mike Childs

Head of Policy and Insight, Friends of the Earth

Cracks open the scam of greenwashing and shines a light on half-truths. While we can easily crumble under the burden of responsibility and flounder awash with marketing cliches, this book has offered up honest, workable solutions. Everyone’s guide to taking steps to clean up how we live so nature can have a chance to recover.”

Susie Hewson

Founder, Natracare

A hugely important and informative book, this is essential reading for anyone who wants to reduce their toxic burden on the planet and protect their own health.”

Natalie Fee

Author, How to Save the World for Free

“This book is a breath of fresh air. Anna explains exactly what chemicals are, and how toxics in everyday products affect us. I love the way she guides us room by room and shows us how to make sustainable swaps. It’s the ‘small change, big difference’ approach.

Janey Lee Grace

author, Happy Healthy Sober

Honest yet inspiring, Go Toxic Free empowers us to take positive action today.

Lucy Siegle

Journalist & reporter, The One Show

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