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In 2023, I launched my weekly mini-series, Sixty Second Stories, to distil some of the biggest sustainability, climate and biodiversity issues down into fun and catchy one-minute recordings. So far, so good – feedback has already included: ‘a cracking 60 secs’, ‘awesome bitesize information’, ‘a beautiful initiative’ and my favourite response: ‘Anna, congrats. Less is indeed more. Compelling and insightful. It’s challenging to get anyone’s attention these days. You succeed.’

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1: A is for ants

3: Chemical catalysts

2: Winter wonderings

4: Ocean treasures

New book

Go Toxic Free by Anna Turns
Go Toxic Free by Anna Turns

Easy and Sustainable Ways to Reduce Chemical Pollution

Publishing on
20 January 2022

“Honest yet inspiring, Go Toxic Free empowers us to take positive action today.”

Lucy Siegle

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In August 2017, I founded my own campaign ‘Plastic Clever Salcombe’ to inspire more of us to think responsibly about single-use plastics – we award local cafés, hotels, restaurants and pubs doing their bit to reduce plastic straws, drinks bottles, cutlery, takeaway coffee cups and carrier bags. We’ve signed up more than 60 local businesses. We work with schools and see how empowered children become once they understand the simple solutions to the problem of ocean plastic.

“My work is my passion and it is personal… I want people to connect with how I write and what I write about.”

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

― Jacques Cousteau

What editors are saying

“I have commissioned Anna Turns on numerous occasions to write for Coast magazine and found her to be skilled, professional and brimming with creative ideas. She has expert knowledge of the Devon area, but can apply her skills to any writing brief. She is also a delight to work with.”

Alex Fisher

Editor, COAST magazine

“I regard Anna as Devon’s best kept secret: a highly professional journalist with serious, in-depth expertise, who really knows how to tell a story. She combines boundless enthusiasm and joie de vivre with intellectual rigour – an engaging writer with something genuine to say.”
Orlando Murrin

Former editor BBC Good Food, Founding editor Olive

“I can’t recommend Anna enough. She is exceptionally professional, comes up with wonderful ideas, has a great tone and speaks with expert authority. And, rather importantly, she is actually a pleasure to work with too!

Laura Rowe

Editor, Olive magazine

“Apart from producing well-researched, accurate writing to deadline, Anna always takes the time to find fresh new ways of approaching her subjects and she combines this with a keen eye for imagery.”

Jane Fitzgerald

Commissioning Editor, MANOR South West

“Anna is a true creative who has a wonderful way with words. She is always fun to work with and has an obvious passion for the food and drink industry, sustainability, and of course, her writing. If you’re looking for a fresh, intelligent and original take on a story, ask Anna!”

Hayley Reynolds

Director, RAW PR and Marketing

“Anna has written some excellent, well-researched ‘eco’ features for Reclaim magazine, always to brief and deadline. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Amy Bratley

Commissioning Editor, Reclaim magazine

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